“Union 101”

Workshop Description

This workshop will serve as an introductory course into the history and purpose of union labor and organization in America. It will touch on the birth of the labor movement, it’s progression through the years, as well as where it stands now in the neoliberal-dominated political sphere. There will also be information concerning the current state of the UFCW (United Food and Commercial Workers International Union) disputes with Ralphs, Albertson’s, and Vons.

Presenter Background

Chirag Bhakta
Chirag is the Mobilization/Research Coordinator at the Orange County Labor Federation. He received a BA in History from California State University, Fullerton in 2010. During his time at CSUF, Chirag became a leader in the activist movement on campus. He was a project director for the Volunteer & Service Center as a member of Students ACT, which put on the annual Social Justice Summit. He also co-founded We! Alternative Voices for an Alternative Future, an on-campus and community group rooted in educational as well as broader social justice.

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