1. How to Create and Promote a Powerful Petition

    Kate Fitch Frankel Nikolenko and Guy Johnson

    Many organizations are finding that online petitions can be a powerful tool for promoting an issue, spreading your message, reaching and influencing your target audience.

    This will be an interactive workshop where we will focus on who, why and how of creating a successful national online petition. We will walk you through each step, select a topic and actually create a petition together and put it up on line. You are encouraged to bring a lap top if you have one—not required, but if you can it will help.  WiFi availability may be limited, so if you can use cellular internet or can bring a hotspot, that would also be helpful


    Kate Fitch Frankel Nikolenko is the MoveOn Regional Organizer for So-Cal. So Cal/Orange County: Claremont, North Orange County, Co-Council Organizer Irvine MoveOn-Council. She is credited with organizing MoveOn So Cal before the Obama elections with 11 MoveOn Councils throughout Southern California. Her background is in Medical Social Work and her own business in the Fashion industry.

    Guy Johnson is the MoveOn.Org Regional Organizer for the So Cal/LA and Desert area and Co-Council Organizer for the Irvine MoveOn Council.

    He brings to the workshop a wealth of experience from a varied background in union organization and management along with his critical work with Veterans First, an organization that assists homeless vets in Orange County


  2. a. Session 1: Facebook 101 Beginners

    Learn the art of social media communication. Participants will learn how to post their organizational events on Facebook Groups and Pages in an engaging and effective manner.

    b. Sessions 2 and 3: Facebook 102 Advanced level Facebook and beginning Twitter

    The workshop will include an in-depth use of Facebook and Twitter for creating events and effective campaigns. Participants will walk away confident on how to set up, publicize and market their events. Bringing your own internet device is recommended but not required.

    D’Marie Mulattieri has extensive experience in social media and has utilized Facebook to organize multiple community events including Occupy OC and March Against Monsanto. She was the Social Media Organizer for the Rocky Anderson for President 2012 campaign and assisted the Social Media campaign for Sister Giant II.Ms. Mulattieri presented Facebook 101 for the Southern OC Chapter of the League of Women Voters and GMO free Orange County. She currently is an organizer for the California Clean Money Campaign.

  3. Destination Yes – Asking and Getting Money for your Organization
    Teray Stephens and Sharon LaPorte

    This presentation will include a detailed description and training on the process of how your organization should ask and get what you ask for with an emphasis on asking for money. Participants will walk away with more confidence and understanding of how to manage and control the conversation and how to create a sense of urgency to get the potential contributor to say yes now.

    Ms. Stephens has an extensive background in progressive politics and business. She is VP of Diversity and Outreach, national Women’s Political Caucus (NWPC), National Board Immediate Past President, NWPC of California. Previous Executive Director of California NOW. She is also founder and CEO of Invision group, Stephens Consulting Group and Founder of The Enclave Center for Sustainable Living.

  4. M.A.P.(Movement Action Plan)
    Elliott Adams and Kathleen Hernandez

    This workshop is valuable to participants in every movement. It presents the M.A.P., a model that all social movements go through. The Movement Action Plan is a strategic model for waging nonviolent social movements developed by Bill Moyer, a US social change activist. The MAP, initially developed by Moyer in the late 1970s, uses case studies of successful social movements to illustrate eight distinct stages through social movements’ progress, and is designed to help movement activists choose the most effective tactics and strategies to match their movements’ current stage.

    Mr. Adams, past national president of Veterans for Peace, is co-facilitator of Creating a Culture of Peace, a training committee member of Meta Peace Team and a member of Ahanti Sena Network. He has provided M.A.P. training for numerous organizations across the country including Veterans for Peace, Military Families Speak Out, Catholic Workers and other local peace and justice groups. Mr. Adams is now on a West Coast speaking tour intent on swelling the social movement “Close Gitmo!”
    In the 1960s, Mr. Adams volunteered for the Army and served as a paratrooper in the infantry in Viet Nam, Japan, Korea, and Alaska. Over time, Mr. Adams transformed into a nonviolent warrior, applying himself to building movements focused on creating justice and ending our war culture.

  5. Effective Protesting in Public
    James Lafferty

    Learn how to conduct a successful political protest avoiding police interference and harsh consequences. Gain skills on how to secure a parade and rally permit in your community for a safe, legal and peaceful event. Understand how to conduct a civil disobedience action avoiding the most serious consequences and how to interact with local law enforcement agencies before, during and after an action.

    Mr. Lafferty is executive director of the National Lawyers Guild of Los Angeles, a human-rights bar association, and host of The Lawyers Guild, a weekly public affairs program on KPFK-FM. He has served as a national leader of various anti-war coalitions, including the National Peace Action Coalition, the anti-Vietnam War coalition that organized the largest protests during that war; the National Coalition for Peace in the Middle East; and the National Campaign to End U.S. Intervention in the Philippines. In the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s, his law firm— Lafferty, Reosti, Jabara, Papakhian and Smith—represented virtually all of the left political movements in and around Detroit, Michigan. He served as associate director for the Center for Seafarer’s Rights and currently serves on the steering committee of the anti-war coalition International A.N.S.W.E.R./L.A.

  6. Creating a Comprehensive Campaign at the Local Level Engaging Media and Local Officials
    Kyle Krahel-Frolander

    Come away from this workshop with strategies for local government advocacy to implement your policy issue. Add to your organizational skills message training on how to talk about progressive policies to the media and the public.

    Mr. Krahel-Frolander is a community outreach coordinator for Smart Cities Prevail, a non-profit that advocates for prevailing wage and middle class jobs in California.

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