“Becoming a Social Change Agent”

Workshop Description

The workshop for “Becoming a Social Change Agent” supports the United Nations’ overarching concept that the world’s great global challenges cannot be overcome without broad-based international cooperation and understanding. But the question is, “What does this mean to the individual and how can an individual’s actions make these broad concepts resonate in their life and community at large?” The workshop is designed to help participants take the passion they have for global and community issues and create more meaning and more impact in their social footprint.

The workshop begins with a presentation on the importance of the United Nations and an overview of some of these global challenges. Then elements of social change agency are explored. This entails looking at social capital and paradigmatic change and understanding the tenets of an individual’s viewpoints, true creativity, and vision and translating that into a personal action plan.

Presenter Background

Janice Gagnon
Janice Gagnon is an educator and currently the Executive Director for VistaPRM.com, a company that integrates the community and the arts with education and the corporate world. She is President of the Advisory Board for Art Miles and sits on Boards for UNA-OC and California State University, Fullerton-Irvine, Legacies Program. She lectures at the university level in areas of social change agency and educational creativity. Ms. Gagnon holds multiple graduate degrees in the fields of Communications and Education. One of her fields of interest is CSR, (corporate social responsibility) and its short and long impact on community.

Carl Mariz
Carl Mariz is a long-standing member of the UNA-USA and has served in many capacities within the Southern California Division of UNA-USA and his local Orange County Chapter. Carl is also active in many other organizations, including both the Orange County and California State Democratic Central Committees. He is a frequent speaker and advocate for civic engagement in our local and national political process and in promoting democratic principles. He was also the Democratic Party candidate for the California State 70th Assembly District in 2004.

The United Nations Association-Orange County Chapter is organized to support the goals of the United Nations, such as the Millennium Development Goals and various mandates like the Culture of Peace and Nonviolence among Children of the World. Programs at UNA-OC are implemented throughout the year, such as the International Human Rights Film Festival: Women’s Issues Around the World, to involve community members’ support and to further the understanding that the United Nations is the world’s platform for forging shared global peace, prosperity and justice, and the concept that we all have a role in creating a better world.

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